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Decorative Privacy Window Film for Commercial Applications

January 23, 2018

In offices and retail settings, decorative privacy window film is an ideal solution for creating privacy while maintaining light transfer.

In commercial settings like retail stores and office spaces, privacy is often in short supply. It’s even an oversight in some cases. Both of these types of locations are semi-public, which leads people to believe that true privacy nearly impossible.

But privacy is still important for many businesses, and workers are suffering from a lack of it. The landscape is now dotted with airy, large-windowed open offices. As far back as 2014, as much as 70% of U.S. offices had adopted the open office format, abandoning the private offices of the mid-20th century and the cubicle culture that grew out of them.

As a retail commercial space is semi-public, privacy is rarely addressed aside from the typical separation between “the floor” and “employees only” spaces. Nonetheless, many retail stores require private spaces like dressing rooms, and customers generally prefer some modicum of privacy while they’re shopping.

Exterior windows are also a concern for both offices and retail environments. The sun can cause glare on computers and damage some retail products.

Offices in high population areas don’t usually want people from the street or people in other buildings looking in on them.

Despite this, no one wants to eliminate the presence of natural light, either. Curtains and blinds tend to eliminate natural light almost completely, but researchers have found that natural light can increase productivity and even elevate people’s moods. Many architects are now incorporating natural light into their building design process.

Decorative Privacy Window Film Offers a Solution

One solution is to use window film. But not just any window film will do. Decorative privacy window film offers a stylish way to engage the privacy issue.

There are many different types of window films available on the market today. Glosses, frosts, intricate designs, and a full range of colors can be used for branding purposes and to create a unique style. However, they can be used for more practical purposes like creating privacy, blocking harmful sunlight, or even reducing cooling and heating costs.

The most innovative decorative privacy window film is made with special material that only blocks the view from specific angles. It can be applied to windows directly, so there’s no need to purchase expensive glass products.

In an office, the view may be frosted from below but clear from another. One can also block the view from side to side. As the viewing angle changes, so does the opacity of the glass. Private office spaces and conference rooms can be opened up to natural light without sacrificing privacy.

A common design choice is to obstruct the view from someone standing outside of a glass room while maintaining the view from below. That way, anyone can see that a room is occupied without the people inside feeling like they’re being watched.

Architects and retail managers can use such materials to create innovative and exciting new retail displays, as well as for privacy purposes. A window display containing a featured product might magically appear as a window shopper approaches it. Internally, these materials could block the view from a specific angle to a dressing room area or to a private employee area, all without sacrificing style.

There are many commercial applications for window films. Imaginative architects can come up with innovative solutions to suit the needs of their clients.

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