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Embracing the Ingenuity of Architectural Window Graphics

March 26, 2019

As an architect on the cutting edge of new design, having the latest trends at your disposal is key to creating beautiful and functional designs. Architectural window graphics are designed to help address privacy concerns, but they also provide other benefits to modern architects.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your office window design or just acquire another tool to help bring your architectural vision to life, window graphics could be exactly what you’re looking for. From improvements to privacy and lighting to aesthetic enhancements and energy saving benefits, here’s why window graphics are one of the most versatile and ingenious tools in modern architecture.

Your Vision Made Real

If your goal is to design a beautiful, functional space, an architectural window graphic can help bring that vision to life. Rather than designing office spaces with plain glass walls and accents, you can add an understated but attractive look to these features with custom window displays. Block off only part of the window with frosted glass, or use graphics that provide a gradient effect to create stylish, visually interesting surfaces.

By controlling what onlookers can see according to their viewing angle, you can also create interesting effects on transparent surfaces throughout a building or office space.

Privacy Windows

Sophisticated Security

In buildings where security is a concern, privacy glass options can provide a private environment without undermining your overall design plan.

Private interior spaces created using glass and window graphics are more open and inviting than walled-in offices, which can help you maintain an ‘open office’ feel even when the room itself is closed off. And by applying window graphics to exterior windows, the building’s occupants can have a view of the outdoors while people outside are prevented from looking in and observing.

Plus, when privacy and viewing capability is unaffected by varying light conditions, you can be sure you’re creating a secure space around the clock.

Natural Lighting Without the Drawbacks

Natural light is great for enhancing a space, but it can also be frustrating to have that sunlight work against you. If the sun’s glare could negatively impact the experience of you or your clients, using window graphics in your window design can make the sunlight less intense.

With window graphics on your exterior windows, you can create a more comfortable, visually appealing atmosphere, all while maintaining the amount of natural light let in through your windows. VisionControlFilm blocks 99% of UV rays while still providing an average 91% light transmission. This makes it so your space won’t be any darker than it was designed to be.

You won’t have to sacrifice a beautiful view or connection to the outdoors, either. By using window graphics that can become transparent depending on the viewing angle you can guarantee that the building’s inhabitants will have access to those blue skies without all the drawbacks—including heat and UV rays—of an unfiltered window.

Save Energy All Year Long

Window displays like these are also useful in addressing concerns about insulation and heating/cooling costs. With an added layer of energy efficient window graphics on exterior windows, you’ll have another way of ensuring that the indoor temperature stays constant and isn’t affected by conditions outdoors. Whether you’re trying to keep cool air in during the summer or out during the winter, window graphic displays will keep your space insulated all year long in any temperature.

If you’re looking to enhance your designs, architectural window graphics are a great tool that can dramatically contribute to the overall style and function of a space. Check out VisionControlFilm to learn how you can get a free swatch book and add versatile window display tools to your material library.

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