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How Dynamic Privacy Film Can Transform Any Commercial Space

August 24, 2018

These days, privacy window films are a common sight in every kind of setting imaginable, from private residences to public spaces, including libraries, schools, and commercial spaces like retail outlets and offices. The growing demand for privacy films is due, in part, to the increasing popularity of interior glass as a building material in such locations.

Glass is growing in popularity due to the fact that office spaces are shrinking. Commercial rents are at a premium, which incentivizes even large companies to rent out smaller spaces to house their staff. Once these spaces are sectioned off into workstations, conference rooms, and offices, the use of traditional opaque walls could create a claustrophobic, labyrinthian feel.

Glass alleviates this issue by allowing light to transfer through an office space. It also provides a certain amount of flexibility for owners who wish to grow their business and rearrange their staff, or for store owners who wish to change displays periodically. In retail settings, glass is still paramount to attracting window shoppers, letting natural light emanate throughout stores, and creating a modern feel.

Nonetheless, interior glass creates its own challenges, mainly around the issue of privacy. Most office workers are now well-attuned to the trend of open offices and are used to working alongside their coworkers in clusters or large groups. But despite their promise, open offices sometimes make focusing on tasks — even collaborating — a difficult prospect.

Visual distractions are common in open offices and spaces that include large quantities of interior glass. In retail settings, leaving glass plain is a missed opportunity for creating an ingenious illusion or to add a sense of style. To solve these challenges, dynamic privacy films for offices can be used to transform such commercial spaces.

Add Privacy to Offices

While there are many varieties of frosted privacy film, not all are created equal. LINTEC’s VisionControlFilm is dynamic in that the opacity of the glass is constantly changing depending on the viewing angle. As the angle changes, the opacity shifts until it appears completely frosted. This provides a number of opportunities to create privacy in office settings without complete obstructing the view or blocking light transfer with an opaque wall.

For example, the film can be applied to the interior glass that surrounds conference rooms or to private offices to block the view from specific angles. It can be applied to the inside of exterior-facing windows to block the view from below while maintaining the view of the skyline.

The view can be blocked from above, below, left, right, and center, depending on the application.

Create Optical Illusions in Retail

While such dynamic privacy film may seem most appropriate in office settings, it also provides a number of opportunities for retail outlets. Because the opacity of the glass changes at different angles, retail stores can create optical illusions in their window displays.

Furthermore, many retail locations have private spaces at the back of the store, such as store offices or fitting rooms, for example. Privacy window films can be used to make those areas more private and secure if they are surrounded by interior glass, while also adding style and substance to the space.

Final Thoughts

The days of the grey, dreary office are over. Commercial spaces can be transformed not just to be attractive, inviting, and inspiring, but also to add function to their beauty. With the continued adoption of interior glass in office and in retail settings, privacy window films will be even more important for creating privacy, enhancing stores, and instilling a sense of focus in workers.

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