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How Frosted Window Films Enhance Office Decor and Design

April 02, 2019

Decorating your office is an ongoing process. You want to design a space that encourages productivity, promotes cooperation, and motivates your employees’ creativity. While there are certainly a number of fun and inventive ways to enhance your office decor and design, there are few options as accessible and cost-effective as frosted window films.

Window films may not sound as exciting as pool tables or elaborate posters plastered across the wall, but they’re effective nevertheless. With the right window film, you can improve your office’s sense of privacy without sacrificing a single shard of natural light while simultaneously adding a subtle splash of design and inspiration into your office’s traditional aesthetic.

Here are just a few of the ways frosted window film can improve your office’s decor and design sensibilities.

Better Aesthetics

You may not think of window films as being an integral part of your office’s design and aesthetic appeal, but they are! With VisionControlFilm, for example, you can enhance any office with an element of visual surprise and ingenuity. These frosted window films can even control what someone can or cannot see through it, as the opacity of the glass will actually change when viewed from different angles.

You don’t have to worry about these films inhibiting natural light either, as the frosting effect will only block out damaging UV rays while still allowing for over 90% of the light to shine through. They can also be layered with high-quality printable films that can add an extra splash of color and creativity to your office.

Better Privacy

As the open office layout continues to grow in popularity and applications, privacy has become something of a hot commodity. With a frosted window film, however, that no longer has to be the case, as they can obscure people’s vision and create a sense of office privacy without isolating anyone from their coworkers.

Open offices are popular for a reason, but if your employees are searching for privacy or personal space, be accommodating to their needs. By applying frosted window film in your conference room, offices, or on other glass surfaces in the building you can foster a sense of personal space and privacy that won’t inhibit the productive and collaborative benefit of an open office.

Better Office

Ultimately, the goal of a frosted window film is to improve any and every space it’s applied in. When you add a frosted window film to your office space, you can provide your employees with the best of two worlds: increased privacy so they can focus on their work, and openness to collaborate and bask in the natural sunlight.

This is where Lintec Window Graphics comes in, as our diverse portfolio of specialist films continues to grow and evolve as we develop new solutions and products for multiple industries and applications. If you’re interested in learning more about privacy window films and how they can benefit your architectural undertakings, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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