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Retail Window Display Ideas: Privacy Film Makes Shoppers Look Twice

November 30, 2018

When you’re designing a window display for your retail store, you first need to decide whether you want to highlight the products you offer or the identity and personality of your store’s brand. There are pros and cons to both, but in most cases, the best way to catch a window shopper’s attention is by grabbing their attention with a personality that stands out from the crowd.

Spotlighting products in your window display is certainly valuable, but if your display is only a product catalog then it won’t do much to catch a passerby’s attention. To really get someone to stop in their tracks and look twice, use privacy films to create a window display that’s not only visually exciting but also piques someone’s curiosity and compels them to take a step inside.

Build Your Brand

Without a strong brand identity, your store can get lost in the crowd of retail stores all vying for consumer attention. If you want to catch the eye of potential customers, then you need to craft, design, and build a brand that encapsulates what makes your store unique and tells a passerby why they should care about it.

As a retail store, one of the best things you can do to build a brand identity is to create a unique and appealing window display. While window displays are a great outlet for advertising products or discounts, they’re even more valuable when used to establish and advertise a brand.

The best window displays act as a teaser of sorts and give passersby a glimpse into your store’s personality. You want your window display to be in alignment with your store’s logo and general aesthetics, but you also want it to stand out, so be sure to invest the time and energy needed to create something unique to you and your brand.

Guide the Viewer’s Attention

Dynamic glass applications for retail stores are great at catching and guiding the eye. Traditionally, privacy films are either fully tinted, fully frosted, or use a tint or frosted effect as a gradient. They obscure people’s vision without entirely blocking out the natural light, making them a popular option in a variety of settings.

For your retail store, however, you’re going to want to take advantage of the new and innovative privacy window films that VisionControlFilm provides. With the rich designs VCF can offer, you can equip your storefront with scratch-resistant and environmentally-friendly privacy films that won’t only create an interesting visual aesthetic but also exemplify your store’s personality.  

Because privacy films affect the opacity of the glass as you view it from different angles, you can create clever optical illusions that stop someone in their tracks and persuade them to take a closer look. The key is creating and implementing a design that captures someone’s attention and draws them inside.  

Create an Experience

A good retail window display should be an introductory experience to your store. With the right mixture of physical products and displays and clever, aesthetically exciting privacy window films, you can create a window that forces shoppers to stop in their tracks and take a second look.

When you embrace the possibilities of the window display, you can make your storefront come to life with promises of a shopping experience that can’t be matched by anyone else. And when your store is able to stand out from the crowd, you can increase foot traffic, customer engagement, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

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