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The Benefits of a Dynamic Window Film that Changes Based on Viewing Perspective

April 02, 2019

Window film can be found just about everywhere. Whether it’s in your office, your home, or in some cases, even your car, window film has an eclectic variety of applications and designs that can be customized to meet a multitude of needs.

When you’re looking to outfit a workplace with the right kinds of windows and lighting, window film can become especially relevant. Not only can window film—like the dynamic films offered by VisionControlFilm—improve your employees’ sense of privacy, but they can also help you develop a clearer sense of office organization and structure.  

Here are just a few of the unique benefits a dynamic window film can bring to your office or retail space:

Improve Your Office

With the open office layout becoming the standard for most companies, it has become a challenge for some employees to recover their sense of personal space and privacy. While the improved productivity and cooperation that the open office allows for are certainly valuable, alienating your employees who prefer to work in relative privacy is far from ideal.

This is where dynamic window films can help. Like most frosted windows, the dynamic opacity of VisionControlFilm obstructs the view of people looking in, but it only does so from specific angles. As the viewing angle changes, so too will the view through the glass.

Frosted window films are incredibly useful, but if you don’t want to outfit a certain space with an entirely opaque glass surface, then dynamic window film can be just the tool you need. It works great for conference rooms, personal offices, residential buildings, and so much more. They’re also incredibly versatile, as each of the four types of VisionControlFilm we at LINTEC offer allows for two choices of viewing angle according to whether the film is applied vertically or horizontally.

Add Excitement to Your Retail Store

When you’re running a retail store, one of the most important—and most difficult—things you need to do is stand out from the competition. While this often means selling or providing products or services the competition cannot, in other cases it can hinge entirely on how well your store literally stands apart from all of the other stores around it.

Even though “window film” may not be the first thing that springs to mind when considering how to make your store stand out, it’s nevertheless one of the most straightforward and cost-effective tools to take advantage of. This is especially true for dynamic window film, as these particular products are uniquely capable of creating ingenious optical illusions and can add a boost of style and creativity to any storefront.

Like Glass Magazine says, “From a corporate logo on an entry glass wall, to decorative glass partitions that divide a space while permitting natural light, interior glass provides aesthetics and function.” Failing to capitalize on your glass surfaces can be a huge mistake, as it’s often those surfaces that provide prospective customers with a first-look into the valuable offerings your store can provide them with.

Get Started with LINTEC

LINTEC of America’s VisionControlFilm can be applied to a variety of buildings and interiors to create a uniquely dynamic visual experience. They can provide privacy, create optical illusions, and even protect people from harsh sunlight and UV rays without ever detracting from the views outside.

To get more information about how this innovative window film can work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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