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Why To Include Frosted Glass Film in Your Next Building Project

October 18, 2017

Frosted glass film provides solutions for every type of building:

  • Enhances privacy from specific angles.
  • Reduces glare, but not illumination.
  • Creates a stylish environment.
  • Controls visibility in a non-intrusive way.
  • Makes a better alternative to blinds or curtains.

If you walk down any city block in the United States, you’re likely to see a wide variety of buildings from different decades. Factory-style buildings from the industrial revolution, made of brick, are often repurposed and turned into loft apartments. Municipal buildings from the early 20th century are still being maintained and used for their prescribed purposes.

Modern skyscrapers and many other contemporary buildings are covered in glass. Indeed, glass-windowed structures have become something of a mainstay these days. But glass also offers a number of challenges to architects. Architects and building designers need to be diligent about issues ranging from privacy and security to sustainability and style.

There are several ways to address these challenges. Frosted film for windows provides solutions for commercial buildings, public buildings, and residential buildings. The materials that make up today’s frosted glass films enable architects to control the perspective through windows from specific angles without sacrificing light quality or the view from within.

Enhance Privacy and Security

Frosted film is one of the simplest and most elegant solutions for creating privacy windows. Frosted films that hinder the view from specific angles are especially useful for creating privacy while maintaining a building’s aesthetic. Most importantly, they enable a building’s occupant to enjoy a view without covering a window entirely.

For example, in a tall building with multiple stories, the perspective from the street might be that of a frosted window. But people inside the building could still look out at the sunset.

Recent advancements in print technology allow building owners to determine the amount of frost they would. Instead of buying a fixed pattern, building owners can custom print the film to suit their needs.

Reduce Glare While Maintaining Illumination

Making use of natural light in architectural designs has a number of benefits. Studies have shown that maintaining natural light within a building can increase productivity, contribute to people’s mental health, and even help to regulate circadian rhythms. This creates a challenge in situations where both privacy and natural lighting are important, such as an office space or a residence.

The best frosted films are designed to block damaging UV rays while maintaining the transmission of natural light. These optically clear glass films allow light to enter a building, but they also reduce glare effects from direct sunlight.

Create a Stylish Space

Frosted glass films can be applied easily to any glazing, making them ideal for creating stylish interior spaces. They can be used on interior glass to sequester off spaces for private meetings or to create private office spaces. They can also be used on windows facing the exterior of a building to incorporate natural light, privacy, and modernity into a building’s style.

Control Visibility

Along with privacy, frosted window films can be applied to make sensitive areas more secure. These films can be installed to prevent visual contact from above or below, or from right or left. They have a minimal impact on a building’s design, but they have a wide range of functionalities.

Frosted Glass Film Brings Spaces to Life

If you need to provide privacy and security in your next building project, consider using frosted glass film that restricts viewing from specific angles. By allowing light to be transmitted through them, these films are an easy, unobtrusive way to bring spaces to life and provide the functionality that a building’s occupants need.

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